Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Beach videos

1st trip to Santa Cruz

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We went to Santa Cruz with Sophie's best friend Nathan. It was Sophie's first trip to the beach at the west coast. We brought the sand toys, but alas, they went practically unused. It was much more fun chasing the receding tide and waiting for the next waves to crash in, especially when you're barely 3 feet tall! Mommy was very busy keeping Sophie from being washed out into the surf.

After the excitement of chasing the water wore off, she played in the sand, and boy did she play IN THE sand. At one point, she laid down in the warm, dry sand on her belly and just wriggled in it, and put her lips down in the sand, as you can see here.

When we go to the neighbor's pool, she puts her teeth and lips on the warm concrete and a big rock that lines the steps. She must like the feel of it, so she did it with the sand.

She really worked up an apetite and seemed a little confused while trying to eat a sandy strawberry, but she didn't complain.

She and Nate were fast asleep by the time we pulled up in the driveway.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dancin Machine

Sophie has always loved music, but she is really cutting the rug these days when certain toys play music.

050821 dance.avi

050821 dance1.avi

050821 dancefront.avi

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Today she brought me her baby doll and started saying, in a high pitched voice, "mama, mama, mama, mama" as if it was the voice of the doll. Pretty hilarious!

Sophie's little potty is out on the floor in the family room - she doesn't use it for potty, she just plays with it. She loves to fill the basin with her mardi gras beads or strings from my sweatpants. She likes to take it apart too - the seat, the basin. When she takes all this out, she then sits in the hole and gets stuck with her legs up in the air - then she cries out for me to come rescue her.

Her 1st 2 molars on top have been coming in for the past few weeks - very slowly. The right molar has popped thru a while ago, and the left is just beginning to surface. There is a big lump on the bottom right of her mouth where the next one is bulging.

She has been eating very picky lately. Daddy made tri-tip on the grill and she ate a bunch of it the night it was cooked. She wouldn't touch it the rest of the week. She won't eat cheese quesadillas anymore. This week, her diet has consisted of grapes and popcorn and milk with a little cereal and french fries thrown in.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Eating like crazy!

050822 table
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Ever since Sophie got over her bug, she's eating like there's no tomorrow. She keeps pointing to her mouth, demanding food. And she's not shy to tell me "nyo" and shake her head if she doesn't want what I'm offering.

Daddy cooked a tri tip on the grill, and she couldn't get enough of it! She also liked ground buffalo in spaghetti sauce. She loves ketchup, but makes a mess when eating it.

She can keep herself entertained for hours in a pit of pea gravel with a bucket and shovel! We cleared out a bunch of junk in our alley, and found 2 bags of pea gravel that came with the house. We cleared out a bed, and put the pea gravel on top of some landscape fabric so weeds won't grow. She loved it - she became a dusty mess, but loved playing in the gravel.

We have a breakfast-in-bed tray that was collecting dust. Marlene suggested using it as a table in the play area. Daddy put her booster seat by it, and she LOVES sitting at her "table" to eat!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


When I ask Sophie if she wants some milk, food, etc. she tells me "no" if she doesn't want any. Daddy heard her say this last night for the first time! Her "no" sounds more like "nyo". When I ask her something she wants to do, she nods her head for yes.

She now knows how to push the buttons on her books that make sounds. Her vocabulary continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Whenever she hears "beep beep" in a song or on TV, she starts says "beep beep beep".

She says "na-na" for her friend Nathan, and also for bananas.

She's getting a little bored with Barney and now prefers Dora the Explorer. She calls out "maaaah, maaaaaah" when she sees The Map. It sounds like a sheep.

She loves to try and tickle mommy under the chin, and makes a high pitched scream when she does so!

She is also recognizing the moon in all her books, but she says "boo" for moon.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sick :(

Sophie has not been acting like herself all week long - very whiny, cranky, not napping well and generally clingy. She has even resurrected wanting to nurse! (even in public places) I could tell she was just not acting right, but she showed no signs of being sick - no fever, etc.

She has two teeth coming in on top, a molar on each side, so I thought that's why she was off.

She had a nasty diarrhea diaper on Wed evening, but just one. The next day, again, diarrhea, but only one. Still no fever.

This morning, she had some diarrhea in her diaper when she woke up. I proceeded to give her a banana for breakfast, then we set off to the grocery store. When Daddy took her out of the car, she barfed in the parking lot! But there was no crying or acting sick at all. After she threw up, she acted like everything was fine.

After her nap, I tried again to feed her. She ate watermelon and Pedialyte. Within 10 minutes it all came up, but she continues to act happy and fine.

Monday, August 08, 2005


She is fascinated with cows right now and loves to say "Cowwww" at any opportunity.

050805 cow.avi


We visited the Franklin Marine Reserve yesterday (Sunday). Low tide was at 6:45AM, so we got up at the crack of dawn to make the journey to Half Moon Bay. It is the best tide pool I've ever been to! We saw lots of creatures and Sophie loved playing in the pebbley sand and petting the sea stars!

Here are the photos of the trip (scroll to the very bottom of the album):

Here is the video of her petting her first sea star.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Talking To Daddy

She grabbed the headset today to the phone and when I told her that is how we talk to Daddy, she said, "Hi Daddy" into the headset. So we called Daddy and it was very exciting for him to hear her saying "Daddy, daddy, hi"!

She recognizes Dora and has been saying, “Do do, do do” for days. She saw Dora on a backpack in the store and said, “Do-do”. In the daycare, the girls said she said a very clear Do-Ra today.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Videos of the everyday

Here is Sophie coloring:
050726 color.avi

Here she is eating by herself while entranced by TV.
050727 eattv.avi

Here she is reading, then getting down from the chair.
050722 read.avi

Driver's License

Sophie likes to give the receipt to the person working the door at Costco. When I say, "Give it to the lady" she holds it out expectantly. I tried this tactic while shopping the other day, but instead of her giving the receipt to the person, she had my I.D. and credit card. She wanted to hold them and look at them. Then I said, "Give it to the lady" and she held it out for her.

Now for the funny part. The woman gave the cards back to Sophie, and she looked at the driver's license, saw my picture and said, "Mama, mmmmmmm" and kissed my picture!

Monday, August 01, 2005


Sophie is now saying the "ow" sound on the end of cow very clearly. Before, she said "kah" when she saw cow.

Whenever she sees a mouse, she makes the mouse sign and she is loving Goodnight, Moon now. She just babbles away when she is reading it. She also LOVES the book Uncle Cub got her - "Please, Baby, Please". We read it every night before bed.

The other day in the bath, when I asked her to lie on her belly, she did it! I was shocked she knew what I was saying to her.

She likes 2 new shows now - "Between the Lions" which is a show featuring lion puppets that work in a library and read books all day. She also likes Blues Clues now as well. It's like a drug - when it is on, she can not tear herself away from it.