Wednesday, August 17, 2005


When I ask Sophie if she wants some milk, food, etc. she tells me "no" if she doesn't want any. Daddy heard her say this last night for the first time! Her "no" sounds more like "nyo". When I ask her something she wants to do, she nods her head for yes.

She now knows how to push the buttons on her books that make sounds. Her vocabulary continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Whenever she hears "beep beep" in a song or on TV, she starts says "beep beep beep".

She says "na-na" for her friend Nathan, and also for bananas.

She's getting a little bored with Barney and now prefers Dora the Explorer. She calls out "maaaah, maaaaaah" when she sees The Map. It sounds like a sheep.

She loves to try and tickle mommy under the chin, and makes a high pitched scream when she does so!

She is also recognizing the moon in all her books, but she says "boo" for moon.


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