Wednesday, May 24, 2006

sick :(

At Nate's bday party on Sat, at the end around 6:15, Sophie vomited. This is the first time in her life she has been sick enough to throw up her food. She threw up twice more once we got home, and seemed mostly confused about it - not really whining or anything.

Luckily, she slept thru the night peacefully, without any vomit in her crib. The next day, she begged for food, but we gave her only jello, popsicles, pretzels and Gatorade. She didn't throw up any more, but got diarrhea on Monday. She did not have a fever for any of this. We don't know if it was something she ate or a little bug going around. None of the other kids at the party seemed affected, thank goodness. It was sad to see her so lethargic and hungry. She took a super early nap on Sunday - we started to take her to ER when her nose started bleeding spontaneously during a crying spell. But alas, when we called the advice nurse, she said they were getting 30 calls/day with the same symptoms - vomiting and no fever, so she didn't think the nosebleed was related and we didn't need to go in.

We were relieved to find that out.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

out of crib

Last night, we got home late from a card making workshop. I put Sophie in her crib and expected her to fall asleep immediately b/c it was 9:30.

I was on the phone with Daddy, and I heard little footfalls on the floor, which I thought were from the heavy cat. . only, he was at the sliding door looking at Zoe out the window. Sure enough, it was Sophie. There was no crash, loud bang or anything. She must have deftly gotten up and over her crib rail, lowered herself down and came out to me. This means the end of the crib as cage. We'll have to start working on how to stay in the big girl bed for the night.

Today at Nathan's birthday party, she threw up at the end of it. She had eaten pulled pork. Hopefully she's not coming down with something, although she was acting a bit clingy this afternoon. She played at Nathan's house today while I went to my hair appt, and she even napped over there for the 2nd time!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dressing on our own

Yesterday, Sophie grabbed her pj pants we had taken off in the morning, and began putting them on by herself. She then wanted to take them off and do it over and over. She also wanted to put her pj top on by herself as well.

Tonight, she showed Daddy how she can dress herself, and her little face just lit up when she did it by herself and we clapped.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sentences and I WANT it!

Sophie is now speaking in longer and longer chains of words that are really resembling complete sentences. She talked to Daddy on the phone this evening, and he must have asked her what she was doing, b/c she said "I takee batty" which means I'm taking a bath.

Her imagination is growing as well. The latest Dora episode features a baby bird who has to go through a path in a corn field. If he goes down the wrong path, there are mean red ants waiting for him. Sophie scares herself about these ants, and sometimes does not want me to put her down b/c she thinks the mean red ants are going to get her.

She loves watching the beginning of Gumby (I found it online) and loves the Gumby song. She also likes to listen to songs over and over again until she can learn them. We have a new CD for Kindermusik, and after hearing some songs only 1 time, she is asking for them by name, and when the song ends, she requests, "Again? Again?" so she can hear it over and over. It reminds me of when we used to tape songs on the tape recorder and listen to them until we learned them.

She also says "I want it!" when she sees something she wants. Today in Target, I let her try on some shoes, and she saw the Dora ones, and said "Dora shoes, I WANT it!". We were able to escape without buying them though. She saw strawberries in the market, and said "I want it!".