Thursday, July 05, 2007


It's a long terrible story, but last night we slept in a hotel outside of Yosemite. We arrived very late and Sophie was overtired beyond anything I've ever seen. She was screaming and crying b/c she really did not want to sleep in the hotel. She wanted to go HOME, but it was 10 at night. . .
Anyhow, when she finally settled down and was laying in bed, she told me,
"Mommy, I feel a little bit nervous." I was floored. I did not know she knew that word. I told her I was very proud of her for telling me her feelings and using her words.

She is still obsessed with Cinderella and we read the whole Disney storybook of it for her bedtime story tonight. She was telling me that her mousey friends Jaq and Gus were coming in the van with us to "camping". She called the campfire a "fire-camp". She also hated taking a shower but loved playing tea party in both the dirt and river.


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