Saturday, August 27, 2005


Today she brought me her baby doll and started saying, in a high pitched voice, "mama, mama, mama, mama" as if it was the voice of the doll. Pretty hilarious!

Sophie's little potty is out on the floor in the family room - she doesn't use it for potty, she just plays with it. She loves to fill the basin with her mardi gras beads or strings from my sweatpants. She likes to take it apart too - the seat, the basin. When she takes all this out, she then sits in the hole and gets stuck with her legs up in the air - then she cries out for me to come rescue her.

Her 1st 2 molars on top have been coming in for the past few weeks - very slowly. The right molar has popped thru a while ago, and the left is just beginning to surface. There is a big lump on the bottom right of her mouth where the next one is bulging.

She has been eating very picky lately. Daddy made tri-tip on the grill and she ate a bunch of it the night it was cooked. She wouldn't touch it the rest of the week. She won't eat cheese quesadillas anymore. This week, her diet has consisted of grapes and popcorn and milk with a little cereal and french fries thrown in.


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