Thursday, April 27, 2006

I want candy!

Sophie can now say "I want ______!" She has been filling in the blank with words like "candy" and "chocolate cookie". Of course, I do not feed her sweets for meals, but when she asks for the first time using a sentence, and adds a "pleeeeee" on the end for please, it's so hard to say no!

As long as we keep the candy out of her sight, she doesn't ask for it, but if she sees the Easter baskets still out, or chocolate cookies coming out of the oven, she will ask for it. This is a sign of her being hungry, and I can offer her other things and she will usually accept them after a few minutes of the candy/cookies being out of her sight.

She's into saying everyone's name right now, and she enthusiastically greets all she sees. She loves to say "HI Marlene! Hi Nay-Nay! Hi Dena! Hi Annie! Hi Thomas!" etc. We've been going to the trail in the morning, and she sees many of her friends and their moms there. She knows the moms' names and likes to greet them, and also waves bye and from her carseat, calls out "Bye Dena" or whoever. I am usually the only one who gets to hear the bye since the car windows are not down.

She also points out groups of people, walking on the trail, through parking lots, etc. as "people". She will point to them and say "people!".

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sku Me

060419 headblk
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Sophie now says "Excuse me" regularly when she coughs or burps. It sounds like "sku me".

She also spontaneously starts singing songs that are in her head. The strange thing is that many times it will be a song that we have not even listened to at all in the last week. Today she started singing "Rock a Bye Baby" and I haven't sung that in a while. It is so cool that I can figure out what she is singing.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Birthday Dinos

Uncle Cub sent Sophie a bucket of plastic dinosaurs for her birthday, which she absolutely LOVES. She plays with them first thing in the morning and she calls the biggest one, the brontosaurus, the daddy. The little ones are babies and she carries them around and hugs them.

She also loves her Big Sister Dora doll where Dora has a special baby carrier her little brother and sister ride in. Dora gets to feed them, and put them to sleep, and she sings a song about being a big sister which Sophie loves to sing along with.

2 yr pics

Oh my gosh. Her 2 year old pictures came out so beautifully I just couldn't decide which ones to get. When I showed the pictures to Marlene, Marlene said, "Oh my GOSH!". Then Sophie and Nathan came over to take a look, and Sophie mimicked, "Oh my GOSH!" and now she says it each time she looks at the pictures. It's hilarious.

Margo and Simona met us there and the pictures with the two of them came out adorably as well.
Sophie's Sitting
Sophie & Margo 

Sunday, April 16, 2006

060415 camera

060415 camera
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Sophie knows what a birthday is, and what a party is. We kept telling her it was her birthday, and she was going to have a party, so she kept talking about birthday cake, candles and birthday party. She also likes to sing "birthday TO YOU, birthday TO YOU".

Armed with this knowledge, she was too excited to take a proper nap today, even though she was worn out from gymnastics class in the morning, which normally ensures an early nap. She slept for only 20 minutes or so. She still enjoyed her party greatly and was very excited about the birthday cake. She also thoroughly enjoyed opening her presents, since she understands what they are now.

Although it is 3:43am right now on Easter Sunday, she is still asleep in her big girl bed for the first time since the new room was installed. Usually, she's been coming into our room anywhere from 1am-3am.

Two nights ago, while Daddy was giving her a bath, he yelled from the bathroom to me "Did you go to the trail today?" I said, "Yes, we did, actually. Why?" He had asked her (as he normally does) "What did you do today?" and she had answered "Went to trail!" It was the first time she had answered this question of his.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

What's going on

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Yesterday, Sophie had a little easter party/egg hunt with our mom's group. Here is she and Nathan in their easter finery.

Today, she came into the kitchen where Daddy and I were and asked, "What's going on?!" It was HILARIOUS. Of course, we cracked up, so she kept saying it. She would pop into different rooms we were in and ask it over the course of the day.

Also, on the potty training front - as long as she has no pants on, she goes in the potty. Today, she went bare bottomed almost all day, and went in the potty all day. I don't think we changed a diaper once.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stomping the puddles

It's been raining for like 30 days straight, so we are pretty bored inside by now. I let Sophie put on her ladybug raincoat and ladybug boots and go outside and stomp the puddles. She loves it. She says "Stompinapuddows".

She also likes to claim that things are "cute" but she says it like kyoot. If she sees a baby animal, bug, human baby, even a picture of herself as a baby, she scrunches up her nose, smiles and says, "that's kyoot". It's pretty ridiculous.

Today my friends had a mini bday party for me, and she got the concept of birthday. She put on a birthday hat, was able to blow into the party favor things and wanted to sing along the Happy Birthday song. She especially liked the part about blowing out the candles and after I blew them out, said "Again? Again?"

She's really into asking to see and do things over and over. She loves the Barney song right now "I love you, You love me. . . "