Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sick :(

Sophie has not been acting like herself all week long - very whiny, cranky, not napping well and generally clingy. She has even resurrected wanting to nurse! (even in public places) I could tell she was just not acting right, but she showed no signs of being sick - no fever, etc.

She has two teeth coming in on top, a molar on each side, so I thought that's why she was off.

She had a nasty diarrhea diaper on Wed evening, but just one. The next day, again, diarrhea, but only one. Still no fever.

This morning, she had some diarrhea in her diaper when she woke up. I proceeded to give her a banana for breakfast, then we set off to the grocery store. When Daddy took her out of the car, she barfed in the parking lot! But there was no crying or acting sick at all. After she threw up, she acted like everything was fine.

After her nap, I tried again to feed her. She ate watermelon and Pedialyte. Within 10 minutes it all came up, but she continues to act happy and fine.


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