Sunday, August 21, 2005

Eating like crazy!

050822 table
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Ever since Sophie got over her bug, she's eating like there's no tomorrow. She keeps pointing to her mouth, demanding food. And she's not shy to tell me "nyo" and shake her head if she doesn't want what I'm offering.

Daddy cooked a tri tip on the grill, and she couldn't get enough of it! She also liked ground buffalo in spaghetti sauce. She loves ketchup, but makes a mess when eating it.

She can keep herself entertained for hours in a pit of pea gravel with a bucket and shovel! We cleared out a bunch of junk in our alley, and found 2 bags of pea gravel that came with the house. We cleared out a bed, and put the pea gravel on top of some landscape fabric so weeds won't grow. She loved it - she became a dusty mess, but loved playing in the gravel.

We have a breakfast-in-bed tray that was collecting dust. Marlene suggested using it as a table in the play area. Daddy put her booster seat by it, and she LOVES sitting at her "table" to eat!


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