Monday, March 27, 2006


This is a new one. .

Last night, when I was washing Sophie's hair (she hates it when I have to put the pick thru her hair) she started yelling "Help! Help!"

When I took her out of the tub, dried her off, and began putting her lotion on, she started again, "Help! Help!" God help us when she starts to yell this in public when I'm doing something she doesn't like.

There is a little "dance video" on an episode of Calliou about Springtime that shows little kids dressed up as bumble bees and flowers. They are dancing around to a little song and Sophie LOVES it. It's only 2 min long, but she begs me to play it over and over and over, and she twirls around and hops, trying to emulate the dance steps.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Trick or treat!

Somehow, although Halloween was 5 mos ago, Sophie is now saying Trick or Treat.
She says it when she is giving me something, like the raisins she's picked up off the floor that need to be thrown away. Or when she's putting her crayons back in the bag.
We were in WalMart the other day, and she was playing with the easter baskets, and was saying Trick or Treat!

She is obsessed with going to the "playpark" which is the park down the street from our house. It doesn't help that her newest fave episode of Dora features Boots the Monkey, losing his stuffed dinosaur at Playpark.

At bedtime and naptime, she always wants me to lay down with her, and says "Lay Down, Mommy?" She will also demand the rocking chair by saying "Rocky Chair? Rocky Chair?" She likes to be rocked to sleep. She's woken up at 1am each night this week calling out Mommy? Mommy? So I bring her in our bed in hopes she'll go back to sleep. Sometimes it takes up to an hour for her to go back to sleep. I wonder if it's molars.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sure, Mommy

Sometimes when I ask Sophie a question, like if she wants to do something, she will answer,
"Sure, Mommy!" It is so cute and sweet.

She has learned to scream in a high pitch, and likes to try it out just to hear herself. Hopefully it will pass. We are trying to teach her when it is appropriate to scream or not (is it ever really appropriate?)

I got some training pants and vinyl covers today to take the potty training to the next level. Whenever she is at home and running around with no pants on, she goes to the potty fine. But if she has a diaper or even underwear on, she thinks she can pee in her pants, so we need to put something on her where she will feel the wetness.

Tonight she was naked and watching TV. The potty is in the family room. She came running into the office and I picked her up. I could smell poop when I walked out to the family room, and in her potty was all kinds of toilet paper she had ripped off and put in the potty, along with her #2. I guess she knows about wiping!

Monday, March 13, 2006

23 mo speech

Sophie can't say f's or s's, so she calls herself "doe-chee".
French fries are "shrench-chri".
She calls Nathan "Nay-Nay" and Jared "Jay-Jay".
Every day, she surprises us with a new word, and the singing of songs is growing every day. I can not believe the words and songs she sings! She's beginning to sing on key as well (of course, not a whole song, but certain parts where she keys in on the words)

Today, we went to our ob/gyn appt, and I told her we were going to the doctor. She kept saying "doctor? doctor? doctor?" It's almost as if she delights in learning a new term for something.

060313 robot

060313 robot
Originally uploaded by rwheatfall.
There is an episode of Dora where she and Boots find a robot and have to help it get home to its Grandpa. This is where Sophie learned what a robot is.

We have some cardboard circle cutouts from cake boards. She put them over her head yesterday, and said "Robot!" and started walking around with her arms out. It was HILARIOUS.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Videos. . . .

Here are some videos from a birthday party for our friend Kavi in February. It was held at Gymboree.


Sophie's first gymnastics lesson - 22 mos old.

Sophie and Baby Alexandra

Sophie & Margo

Sentences, sentences

Sophie talks more and more all the time, and it's particularly exciting b/c almost everything she says is the first time I've heard her say it.

Tonight we were putting on her pj's, and she wanted to drink water. I handed her the water bottle, and she sucked on it, then proclaimed, "It's not working." I hadn't opened the valve on it! This was the first time we heard her say this word - working.

Then she drank some, and a couple drops spilled on her neck. She said, "I spilled it."

Today, we took a walk down the street, and she insisted on putting her baby doll in her grocery cart and pushing it down the street. She's really funny with the baby these days. Today, for the first time, she took the baby into her bedroom, and wanted to put it on her changing table so she could put a diaper on it.

She also went into her drawers and pulled out her big girl underwear, and told Daddy she wanted to wear them. In fact, she started putting them on! (she later peed in them)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

tickle back

Sophie now requests "Tickle back?" She wants me to tickle her back and she just CRACKS up. There is no better sound than her laughter.

She has gotten up in the middle of the night a few times to visit the potty. I was at my wit's end last night. She wakes up, and is wide awake for about one hour. After bringing her to our room, and still not going to sleep, I finally put her in the crib to cry it out. She only lasted about 3 minutes.

She loves to sing the song to "Reading Rainbow" and is singing more and more songs every day. Twinkle, Twinkle is a favorite, Old MacDonald (the ee-i-ee-i-oh part) and a song about losing the car keys.

She is still cuckoo over her sibling. When she has a mango pacifier in her mouth (this is a dried piece of mango that she insists on sucking on for a hour) she loves to rub my belly. She lays her head on my belly and kisses it. She says, "Baby-doll. . . . .baby coming. . . ..hi baby" etc. She can not wait for the baby.