Monday, September 26, 2005

candy eater!

I fed Sophie some lunch at the table today, and she sat in her booster seat to eat. I went into the office, and when I came back out, she had climbed ON TOP of the table, and had Halloween candy from the candy bowls in both of her hands!

Luckily, she had eaten most of her lunch, before helping herself to dessert.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

sliding with daddy

sliding with daddy
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Riding the giant slide with Daddy at Taste of Morgan Hill on 9/24.


Today Sophie got to ride along in the stroller while Daddy and Mommy ran a 10k race.

Then we had brunch with John & Cathy. Sophie was so good all day. She didn't fuss at all during the race and was great at the restaurant.
Her bottom molars are still bulging, with the bottom right molar ready to push thru any minute. Top left molar is still only in on one pointy side - hasn't broken thru all the way yet.

She loves to point out the moon in the daytime sky, and also says "kye".
She is saying "gar-go" for Margo and points her picture out on the fridge each day. She points to her Granddad and says "da da" since they look alike.

Margo came to visit today and they had a grand old time, except for when Margo started crying while she was sitting on the floor (for no reason we could see). Then Sophie began empathy crying too!!

Almost everyday this week, she has been taking her nap at noon instead of 10:30. Perhaps she has migrated.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Halloween Costume

050924 bug1
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This afternoon we went to the Taste of Morgan Hill festival downtown. Sophie rode the giant slide with daddy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Turtle and Cactus

Sophie said turtle very clearly today when she saw the turtle statue in the neighbor's garden. She also got clumps of cactus spines in her fingers which I had to pluck out with the tweezers. They were the teeny fine ones.

Yesterday at the pool, she said "gar-go" when she saw Margo! It's the first time she said her name.

She is taken with the moon right now, and points it out everywhere she sees it - the sky, in books, on signs and TV. She also says "kye" and points up to the sky.

She went crazy dancing to her alphabet magnet tonight.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Last night, after we put her down, Sophie was quiet for 15 minutes, but then began crying loudly. When Daddy finally went in to pick her up, she quieted down.
He said to her, "Now Sophie, are you going to go to sleep now?"
She picked her little head up off his shoulder and made 3 big nods "yes".
Then he kissed her, laid her down in her crib, and she drifted off to dreamland!

I guess she just needed to see a parent one more time.

She is calling tomatoes "apples" now. She also greets me with an enthusiastic "Mommy!" when I enter her room in the morning.

She continues to want nursie in the afternoons. . .

She's beginning to get a stuffy nose and have a little running nose.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Gulf Shore

Today was Sophie's first time at a FL beach. (It was mom's first time on the Gulf side!) What a nice beach. The water isn't blue like Miami, but is emerald green. When she saw the beach, she kept saying "Nay-nay" for her best buddy Nathan and she knows that the last time she went to the beach, she went with Nathan!

The sand is like white sugar, like everyone says. We pitched our beach tent, but I am not sure Sophie is too cracked over the beach. It's too sandy for her. She ends up with sandy hands, then puts her fingers in her mouth, and before you know it, she's got a sandy 5:00 shadow going around her mouth. She enjoyed sitting in the warm waves as they rolled in. There are lots of interesting shells. But I think it was a sign that she wanted to leave the beach when she sat herself in her stroller!

She prefers the pool, especially because there is a bar there that plays loud tunes. She can swim and dance up a storm. We are very glad Daddy took us along on this trip.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Sophie did this the other day too, but again today, so here's the entry.
We have a prism in the kitchen, and when the sun hits it, it reflects little rainbows all over the ceiling of the kitchen in the morning. She looked up, pointed and said, "way whoa" for rainbow.

It hink today was the first day she got alittle mad/embarrassed by someone other than a parent telling her no. We were at Anne's house, and she was trying to pull beads off of Anne's couch pillows. We said, "No baby, don't pull off those beads." Then she stuck out her bottom lip and ran over to me and buried her head in my chest, looking at Anne with a scowl from the corner of her eye! I've not seen her do anything like that before, but she definitely knew she wasn't allowed to pull the beads off the pillows!