Monday, August 01, 2005


Sophie is now saying the "ow" sound on the end of cow very clearly. Before, she said "kah" when she saw cow.

Whenever she sees a mouse, she makes the mouse sign and she is loving Goodnight, Moon now. She just babbles away when she is reading it. She also LOVES the book Uncle Cub got her - "Please, Baby, Please". We read it every night before bed.

The other day in the bath, when I asked her to lie on her belly, she did it! I was shocked she knew what I was saying to her.

She likes 2 new shows now - "Between the Lions" which is a show featuring lion puppets that work in a library and read books all day. She also likes Blues Clues now as well. It's like a drug - when it is on, she can not tear herself away from it.


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