Sunday, February 19, 2006

060217 CHEESE!

060217 ladybug
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Sophie knows how to say "cheese" at the camera and crinkles up her nose when she gets her picture taken now. She loves wearing her ladybug coat in the rain (which we've had our fair share of).

I called her from the other room where she was with her Daddy, and she said "I'm coming Mommy" as I heard the little footsteps running. It cracked us both up. The sentences are just exploding now and there is some new breakthru on a daily basis.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Sophie did #2 on the potty today, and after each stool, stood up to clap. After one of the last stools, I noticed a pure drop of blood in the bottom of the potty!
Luckily, the nurse and the internet say it is most likely caused by a large stool.
She wasn't in any distress or anything, so it's most likely just a fissure.

She's had a cold for a week now - coughing, runny nose and mild fever last weekend. Her sleep is screwed up as well. She wakes up for an hour each night, and seems pretty wide awake. Last night, she drank milk and ate apples. She also pretended to have to use the potty (she tries this tactic anytime she wants to avoid going into her crib).

Her best friend Nathan is sick as well, but his fevers have been higher, and have lasted 3 days.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Making me color

Sophie is now getting a charge out of watching other people do things, and directing them/us to do them. For instance, yesterday, she held out a crayon and motioned for ME to color in her coloring book. Then she said "Thank you Mommy" - (Chaychoo mommy) and gave me a kiss!

Today, Sarah watched her for me, and Sophie wanted her to draw with the sidewalk chalk, so apparently this is a new behavior.

potty breakthru 2?

This morning when she woke up, the first thing she said was "potty". We put her on, and she produced!

This afternoon, she said "Potty" - I put her on, and she produced again! Twice in one day - pretty great.

Although, this morning she had two #2's, both in the diaper, neither of which we got any warning for.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hopping & Big Girl Underwear

I meant to put this down a month or two ago, but Sophie can now get air when she hops on her feet. It's a developmental thing.

Also, since we are potty training, I decided to break out some Training Pants I had bought a while ago. She thinks they are a BIG deal - we call them Big Girl Panties.

Today, we attended a birthday party at Gymboree. Sophie was all dressed up in tights and a dress. But she saw the "Big Girl Panties" after we had dressed, and really wanted to wear them, so. . .
on they went, OVER TOP of her tights. I am sure parents at the party were wondering why we had the diaper layering wrong!

Yesterday, we bought her some real underwear that we'll hopefully get to use soon.