Thursday, July 28, 2005

Chuck E. Cheese

Self-Feed Yogurt July 05
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Against my better judgment, we went to playgroup today held at Chuck E. Cheese. It's a pretty good place for babies to run around - she is too young to ask for money or tokens, she doesn't eat the junky stuff they serve there - pizza, etc. and she doesn't even need the rides to turn on to have a good time. She loved climbing on them.

She also loved chasing Nathan around, and just running around the place in general. The funniest part was when she saw the human-sized robot puppet of the mouse, up on the stage, "singing" a song. I looked over, and she was all alone, in front of the mouse, saying "Hi! Hi!" waving to him, throwing her hand up in the air. It was frigging hilarious.

This is a picture of her feeding herself yogurt today.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

First Singing!

When Sophie woke from her nap, she was sitting in her crib, "reading" her book "TheWheels on The Bus". I started singing it. I kept on singing it, absent-mindedly, as I was carrying her into the kitchen.

Then I heard her say "Nah, nah, nah. . . . nah, nah, nah" in the same intonation as "round and round, round and round". It was her first real singing!

She also did a sign for doggie - she slapped the side of her leg. I have shown her that sign for months, but she never demonstrated it on her own.

First Movie - Spongebob!

Sophie had her first ever movie theatre experience today. They show a free 10am movie on Wed and Thurs during the summer. She looked so cute sitting in the seat, eating her popcorn! She was so good - she just sat there, mesmerized, eating her popcorn. She watched the entire movie!

But then I was scared, b/c she usually takes a nap around 10:30am. We got home, and I put her right down at noon. She's fast asleep now - perhaps she'll sleep longer since she stayed awake longer.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Playing pretend

All of a sudden, Sophie is REALLY into pretending she is eating and feeding others. She loves to hold up any type of implement to her mouth, pretending it is a utensil, and say "yum yum yum!". Then she gives me a "taste". It's really funny.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

no more nurse?

No nurse in the morning, and no nurse before bed. I think it's really happening. . she nursed a little before her nap, but she will no longer fall asleep nursing. She only took a nap once placed in her crib (after 5 min of crying).

She is LOVING playing pretend. We got out her play pots and pans, and she kept pretending she was feeding herself and us with the utensils. She pretended to feed her baby doll too.

Her 15 mo appt was on Friday. The dr. asked us how many words she knows and we said at least 30. He said 5-10 was normal for her age. He said she is at the level of a 2 year old in language. She goes back at 18 mos and finally will not have any shots at the next appt.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Two Firsts

This morning was the first morning of Sophie's life that she didn't nurse! She was happy when she woke up, then we just brushed our teeth, got dressed, ate a banana for breakfast, easily skipping over the nursing part. It seemed too easy.

When she was ready for nap, I tried nursing her, as we usually do, but she wasn't acting sleepy. She wanted to play around. Finally, when it was 45 min past her regular naptime, I had enough. I put her in her crib and took a shower. She was fast asleep when I got out.

Perhaps we'll have a new nap routine involving the crib!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Children's Discovery Museum

We visited this museum today for the 2nd time, but with some of Sophie's playmates. She had a great time and wore herself out!

050721 ricecup.avi

050721 taye.avi

050721 water.avi

050721 touch.avi

Videos with Nathan

These are from this Wednesday's playdate with Nathan.

050720 ghost.avi

050720 natesoph.avi

050720 nathanball.avi


For the last week, when I get Sophie dressed in the morning, she points to a ribbon hanging from the wall where all her barrettes are displayed. She wants me to put a barrette in her hair or she doesn't feel completely "dressed"!

She has also begun "horsey rides". She climbs on my back when I crouch down on the floor on all fours, and I "ride" her around the floor.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Yesterday, Sophie napped for 2 hours (b/c I was laying down with her)
When it came time for bedtime, I put her in the crib, and she screamed for 40 minutes.
When I rescued her, she wasn't acting tired at all.
Finally Daddy was able to put her down.

Today, she didn't really nap at all. . . I tried to lay down with her, but she just played around.
We ran errands, and she dozed off for 20 minutes in her car seat. That was it.
Tonight, she went to sleep at 6:30!

Maybe she's done with naps?

New teeth

2 days ago we saw what all the drooling and chewing was about- BOTH of the bottom "eye" teeth (on either side of her bottom front teeth) are popping thru at the same time.

She's getting bored with Barney now - we are on to Dora and Blue's Clues.

She ate almost a whole chicken quesadilla the other day when Daddy made it for her. It's the most she's ever eaten in one sitting in her life.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sleepin at the gym

For the first time in history, Sophie fell asleep at the gym daycare! I went in to get her, and I was shocked that she was fast asleep on the cot, her little head on the pillow. The tv was on, there were kids playing all around her, and she was out like a light. I didn't think it could happen. I was able to put her in the carseat, take her home, take her OUT of the carseat, and put her in her crib all without waking her.

She is chewing on her fingers and slobbering up a storm. More teeth on the way. She is currently on #6 - the right eye tooth.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

First Peach

It is so hot today! We went to the neighbor's pool (through the gate in our back fence) and played on the steps for a while. The peach tree was full of ripe fruit, and Natasha is out of town for a while, so we picked some fresh peaches from the tree, rinsed them in the pool and ate them! They were soft and juicy. Sophie just loved it. After she finished hers, she pointed to her mouth for another!

Monday, July 11, 2005

6th tooth

The right eye tooth began coming thru last week in Germany/Austria.

She also knows the sign for chicken (flapping an arm like a chicken wing) and she says Hap-pee, hap-pee and dibble, dibble.

She had fun today at the park and with Nathan playing chase.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

the past week

It was obvious that Sophie was glad to be home! Daddy says she is not even like the same child.

Over the past week, she has begun to say 2 syllable "words". I use the term "word" loosely. She says Dad-dee, Hap-py, Pee-pee. But she is also saying "Dibble, dibble" or dibba, dibba". It sounds really funny. I think she is saying "Hap-pee" when she wants me to sing "If you're happy and you know it".

Today, she turned to the Old MacDonald page of her song book, and started saying "eee I eee I eee I". She began saying "Clap, clap" and clapping her hands. It takes me a little while to realize that she is saying real words and acting them out.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Dancing videos

Watch the motions along with the songs. . . .

050701 stamp.avi

050701 hooray.avi