Sunday, August 20, 2006


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Uncle Cubby visited this weekend, and with him, he brought the quintessential t-shirt all little children who live in Maryland own at one time in their little lives. . . The famous, "Don't Bother Me, I'm Crabby" t-shirt! I had been thinking about how Sophie needed one of these, and here it was, hand delivered to us!

Although it's a little big, she loves it, and demanded to wear it today.
Thanks Uncle Cubby!

060814 greeneggs

060814 greeneggs
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When I asked Sophie what she wanted to eat for lunch, she replied, "Green Eggs and Ham". Well, we didn't have the ham, but I had some eggs and green food coloring. She ate it without batting an eye.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Esta Bien!

I guess Sophie is turning bi-lingual. This weekend when we were in the car, coming home from the Thomas the Train excursion, Vivian was crying, and we heard Sophie saying, "Esta bien, baby, esta bien. . ." Usually she says, "It's OK , baby, it's OK. . "

Also, whenever I present her with a meal, by placing the dish in front of her in her high chair, she says, "Oh Thank you, Mommy! Gracias!"

Today ws the first time she was actually excited about going to "school" which is her preschool's summer camp.

She said, "I'm going to see Miss Cathy". That's her teacher.
I asked her, "Are you going to see your friends?"
She said yes.
I asked, "What are their names?"
She thought for a second, then replied, "Kids!"

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sir Topham Hatt

Today we spent a day out with Thomas the Train at the Roaring Camp Railroad. We took a train ride, met Sir Topham Hatt and Sophie got a Thomas tattoo. It was a 45 min drive almost to Santa Cruz. Sophie was just exhausted by the end of the morning and fell asleep in the car. This of course ruined any chance of a real nap, and she was grouchy the rest of the afternoon.
She fell asleep briefly on the couch this evening, and we put her to bed early.

Giving her a bath tonight, I noticed she has some sort of peeling skin under the toes of her right foot. She has been wanting to run around barefoot at the neighborhood park, and even took her shoes off at Summer Camp! Perhaps she has picked up something. I called the dr. on call this evening, and she suggested I bring her in tomorrow so Dr. Min can have a look at it. She's got a rattley cough as well.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

060731 pirate

060731 pirate
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Sophie is taken with pirates these days. I made her an eyepatch and she likes to say Argggh Matey! when she wears it.

Also, for the last 2 days, we have gone on morning walks where she actually gets to walk. I am trying to get her a little worn out and ready for naptime.

Yesterday, at playgroup, another mom was swinging her daughter alongside Sophie and me. She addressed me as "Hey Robin" to ask me a question. Sophie caught onto this, and looked at me and said, "Hey Wobbin". When I got a startled look on my face, she started giggling. It was HILARIOUS. She now knows that Mommy has a name.

TV and singing

At playgroup yesterday, one of the moms of a baby born in Sept was amazed to hear Sophie sing Twinkle, Twinkle loud and clear. Her child, who is still not even 2, isn't stringing words together, so she was taken aback that Sophie can sing songs.

Sophie loves to sing the theme songs to her favorite cartoons - Little Einsteins is a FAVORITE. She and Nathan love to sing the duet to the Wonder Pets song:

Sophie: "What's gonna work?"
Nate: "TEAM-work!"