Tuesday, August 30, 2005

1st trip to Santa Cruz

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We went to Santa Cruz with Sophie's best friend Nathan. It was Sophie's first trip to the beach at the west coast. We brought the sand toys, but alas, they went practically unused. It was much more fun chasing the receding tide and waiting for the next waves to crash in, especially when you're barely 3 feet tall! Mommy was very busy keeping Sophie from being washed out into the surf.

After the excitement of chasing the water wore off, she played in the sand, and boy did she play IN THE sand. At one point, she laid down in the warm, dry sand on her belly and just wriggled in it, and put her lips down in the sand, as you can see here.

When we go to the neighbor's pool, she puts her teeth and lips on the warm concrete and a big rock that lines the steps. She must like the feel of it, so she did it with the sand.

She really worked up an apetite and seemed a little confused while trying to eat a sandy strawberry, but she didn't complain.

She and Nate were fast asleep by the time we pulled up in the driveway.


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