Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lead the way

Sophie is now in a phase where she has to LEAD THE WAY for anything.
If we are going upstairs, she scrambles to rush by us, knocking us out of the way so she can be first. Same thing if we are going downstairs. At the park today, Vivian and I headed over a bridge to the swings while Sophie was still at the basketball court. When she saw that we were at the swings already without her, she started screaming NOOOOOOOOO. She HAS to be first.
I sure hope it passes quickly.
She often knocks her sister down trying to be FIRST.

Friday, November 02, 2007

School and Halloween

Sophie likes her new school, but she really wants to be alpha dog no matter where she goes. She was good for the first week, then Week 2, we got a note in the backpack. It seems she was feeling comfortable enough to start testing the waters.
She wants to take her shoes off in class and doesn't understand why the rules do not apply to her. (I know someone just LIKE that. . .)

Anyhow, she is in a class of ALL BOYS except for herself and one other little girl named Courtney!!! I think that is good for Sophie, b/c if she wants to start "clickish" drama, the boys will really not be playing into that at all!

Luckily, Sophie's teacher is AWESOME. whenever people ask who her teacher is, and I say her name, they just go ON AND ON about how GREAT she is, and she definitely has Sophie's number so she will not let her get away with anything.

Lately, since Daddy has been home, we are having food wars. He wants to MAKE her eat certain things, like green beans, meat, etc. and she really doesn't want any part in it (control issues).
The other night, she "cleaned" the hamburger off her plate by squirreling it away in her mouth and kept it there all thru her bath - GROSS. She was not going to swallow it for anything. I finally had her spit it out in the toilet, but I think everyone may be relieved when Daddy starts work on Monday!

Vivian is talking up a storm. It's not always intelligible, but she is definitely saying things that make sense to her. "What's that?" "I want it" "No!" "Mine!" "sister" etc.