Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stomping the puddles

It's been raining for like 30 days straight, so we are pretty bored inside by now. I let Sophie put on her ladybug raincoat and ladybug boots and go outside and stomp the puddles. She loves it. She says "Stompinapuddows".

She also likes to claim that things are "cute" but she says it like kyoot. If she sees a baby animal, bug, human baby, even a picture of herself as a baby, she scrunches up her nose, smiles and says, "that's kyoot". It's pretty ridiculous.

Today my friends had a mini bday party for me, and she got the concept of birthday. She put on a birthday hat, was able to blow into the party favor things and wanted to sing along the Happy Birthday song. She especially liked the part about blowing out the candles and after I blew them out, said "Again? Again?"

She's really into asking to see and do things over and over. She loves the Barney song right now "I love you, You love me. . . "


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