Thursday, April 27, 2006

I want candy!

Sophie can now say "I want ______!" She has been filling in the blank with words like "candy" and "chocolate cookie". Of course, I do not feed her sweets for meals, but when she asks for the first time using a sentence, and adds a "pleeeeee" on the end for please, it's so hard to say no!

As long as we keep the candy out of her sight, she doesn't ask for it, but if she sees the Easter baskets still out, or chocolate cookies coming out of the oven, she will ask for it. This is a sign of her being hungry, and I can offer her other things and she will usually accept them after a few minutes of the candy/cookies being out of her sight.

She's into saying everyone's name right now, and she enthusiastically greets all she sees. She loves to say "HI Marlene! Hi Nay-Nay! Hi Dena! Hi Annie! Hi Thomas!" etc. We've been going to the trail in the morning, and she sees many of her friends and their moms there. She knows the moms' names and likes to greet them, and also waves bye and from her carseat, calls out "Bye Dena" or whoever. I am usually the only one who gets to hear the bye since the car windows are not down.

She also points out groups of people, walking on the trail, through parking lots, etc. as "people". She will point to them and say "people!".


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