Sunday, April 16, 2006

060415 camera

060415 camera
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Sophie knows what a birthday is, and what a party is. We kept telling her it was her birthday, and she was going to have a party, so she kept talking about birthday cake, candles and birthday party. She also likes to sing "birthday TO YOU, birthday TO YOU".

Armed with this knowledge, she was too excited to take a proper nap today, even though she was worn out from gymnastics class in the morning, which normally ensures an early nap. She slept for only 20 minutes or so. She still enjoyed her party greatly and was very excited about the birthday cake. She also thoroughly enjoyed opening her presents, since she understands what they are now.

Although it is 3:43am right now on Easter Sunday, she is still asleep in her big girl bed for the first time since the new room was installed. Usually, she's been coming into our room anywhere from 1am-3am.

Two nights ago, while Daddy was giving her a bath, he yelled from the bathroom to me "Did you go to the trail today?" I said, "Yes, we did, actually. Why?" He had asked her (as he normally does) "What did you do today?" and she had answered "Went to trail!" It was the first time she had answered this question of his.


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