Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sure, Mommy

Sometimes when I ask Sophie a question, like if she wants to do something, she will answer,
"Sure, Mommy!" It is so cute and sweet.

She has learned to scream in a high pitch, and likes to try it out just to hear herself. Hopefully it will pass. We are trying to teach her when it is appropriate to scream or not (is it ever really appropriate?)

I got some training pants and vinyl covers today to take the potty training to the next level. Whenever she is at home and running around with no pants on, she goes to the potty fine. But if she has a diaper or even underwear on, she thinks she can pee in her pants, so we need to put something on her where she will feel the wetness.

Tonight she was naked and watching TV. The potty is in the family room. She came running into the office and I picked her up. I could smell poop when I walked out to the family room, and in her potty was all kinds of toilet paper she had ripped off and put in the potty, along with her #2. I guess she knows about wiping!


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