Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sentences, sentences

Sophie talks more and more all the time, and it's particularly exciting b/c almost everything she says is the first time I've heard her say it.

Tonight we were putting on her pj's, and she wanted to drink water. I handed her the water bottle, and she sucked on it, then proclaimed, "It's not working." I hadn't opened the valve on it! This was the first time we heard her say this word - working.

Then she drank some, and a couple drops spilled on her neck. She said, "I spilled it."

Today, we took a walk down the street, and she insisted on putting her baby doll in her grocery cart and pushing it down the street. She's really funny with the baby these days. Today, for the first time, she took the baby into her bedroom, and wanted to put it on her changing table so she could put a diaper on it.

She also went into her drawers and pulled out her big girl underwear, and told Daddy she wanted to wear them. In fact, she started putting them on! (she later peed in them)


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