Sunday, September 25, 2005


Today Sophie got to ride along in the stroller while Daddy and Mommy ran a 10k race.

Then we had brunch with John & Cathy. Sophie was so good all day. She didn't fuss at all during the race and was great at the restaurant.
Her bottom molars are still bulging, with the bottom right molar ready to push thru any minute. Top left molar is still only in on one pointy side - hasn't broken thru all the way yet.

She loves to point out the moon in the daytime sky, and also says "kye".
She is saying "gar-go" for Margo and points her picture out on the fridge each day. She points to her Granddad and says "da da" since they look alike.

Margo came to visit today and they had a grand old time, except for when Margo started crying while she was sitting on the floor (for no reason we could see). Then Sophie began empathy crying too!!

Almost everyday this week, she has been taking her nap at noon instead of 10:30. Perhaps she has migrated.


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