Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Gulf Shore

Today was Sophie's first time at a FL beach. (It was mom's first time on the Gulf side!) What a nice beach. The water isn't blue like Miami, but is emerald green. When she saw the beach, she kept saying "Nay-nay" for her best buddy Nathan and she knows that the last time she went to the beach, she went with Nathan!

The sand is like white sugar, like everyone says. We pitched our beach tent, but I am not sure Sophie is too cracked over the beach. It's too sandy for her. She ends up with sandy hands, then puts her fingers in her mouth, and before you know it, she's got a sandy 5:00 shadow going around her mouth. She enjoyed sitting in the warm waves as they rolled in. There are lots of interesting shells. But I think it was a sign that she wanted to leave the beach when she sat herself in her stroller!

She prefers the pool, especially because there is a bar there that plays loud tunes. She can swim and dance up a storm. We are very glad Daddy took us along on this trip.


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