Thursday, September 01, 2005


Sophie did this the other day too, but again today, so here's the entry.
We have a prism in the kitchen, and when the sun hits it, it reflects little rainbows all over the ceiling of the kitchen in the morning. She looked up, pointed and said, "way whoa" for rainbow.

It hink today was the first day she got alittle mad/embarrassed by someone other than a parent telling her no. We were at Anne's house, and she was trying to pull beads off of Anne's couch pillows. We said, "No baby, don't pull off those beads." Then she stuck out her bottom lip and ran over to me and buried her head in my chest, looking at Anne with a scowl from the corner of her eye! I've not seen her do anything like that before, but she definitely knew she wasn't allowed to pull the beads off the pillows!


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