Monday, May 08, 2006

Sentences and I WANT it!

Sophie is now speaking in longer and longer chains of words that are really resembling complete sentences. She talked to Daddy on the phone this evening, and he must have asked her what she was doing, b/c she said "I takee batty" which means I'm taking a bath.

Her imagination is growing as well. The latest Dora episode features a baby bird who has to go through a path in a corn field. If he goes down the wrong path, there are mean red ants waiting for him. Sophie scares herself about these ants, and sometimes does not want me to put her down b/c she thinks the mean red ants are going to get her.

She loves watching the beginning of Gumby (I found it online) and loves the Gumby song. She also likes to listen to songs over and over again until she can learn them. We have a new CD for Kindermusik, and after hearing some songs only 1 time, she is asking for them by name, and when the song ends, she requests, "Again? Again?" so she can hear it over and over. It reminds me of when we used to tape songs on the tape recorder and listen to them until we learned them.

She also says "I want it!" when she sees something she wants. Today in Target, I let her try on some shoes, and she saw the Dora ones, and said "Dora shoes, I WANT it!". We were able to escape without buying them though. She saw strawberries in the market, and said "I want it!".


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