Saturday, May 20, 2006

out of crib

Last night, we got home late from a card making workshop. I put Sophie in her crib and expected her to fall asleep immediately b/c it was 9:30.

I was on the phone with Daddy, and I heard little footfalls on the floor, which I thought were from the heavy cat. . only, he was at the sliding door looking at Zoe out the window. Sure enough, it was Sophie. There was no crash, loud bang or anything. She must have deftly gotten up and over her crib rail, lowered herself down and came out to me. This means the end of the crib as cage. We'll have to start working on how to stay in the big girl bed for the night.

Today at Nathan's birthday party, she threw up at the end of it. She had eaten pulled pork. Hopefully she's not coming down with something, although she was acting a bit clingy this afternoon. She played at Nathan's house today while I went to my hair appt, and she even napped over there for the 2nd time!


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