Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hopping & Big Girl Underwear

I meant to put this down a month or two ago, but Sophie can now get air when she hops on her feet. It's a developmental thing.

Also, since we are potty training, I decided to break out some Training Pants I had bought a while ago. She thinks they are a BIG deal - we call them Big Girl Panties.

Today, we attended a birthday party at Gymboree. Sophie was all dressed up in tights and a dress. But she saw the "Big Girl Panties" after we had dressed, and really wanted to wear them, so. . .
on they went, OVER TOP of her tights. I am sure parents at the party were wondering why we had the diaper layering wrong!

Yesterday, we bought her some real underwear that we'll hopefully get to use soon.


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