Friday, February 17, 2006


Sophie did #2 on the potty today, and after each stool, stood up to clap. After one of the last stools, I noticed a pure drop of blood in the bottom of the potty!
Luckily, the nurse and the internet say it is most likely caused by a large stool.
She wasn't in any distress or anything, so it's most likely just a fissure.

She's had a cold for a week now - coughing, runny nose and mild fever last weekend. Her sleep is screwed up as well. She wakes up for an hour each night, and seems pretty wide awake. Last night, she drank milk and ate apples. She also pretended to have to use the potty (she tries this tactic anytime she wants to avoid going into her crib).

Her best friend Nathan is sick as well, but his fevers have been higher, and have lasted 3 days.


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