Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Esta Bien!

I guess Sophie is turning bi-lingual. This weekend when we were in the car, coming home from the Thomas the Train excursion, Vivian was crying, and we heard Sophie saying, "Esta bien, baby, esta bien. . ." Usually she says, "It's OK , baby, it's OK. . "

Also, whenever I present her with a meal, by placing the dish in front of her in her high chair, she says, "Oh Thank you, Mommy! Gracias!"

Today ws the first time she was actually excited about going to "school" which is her preschool's summer camp.

She said, "I'm going to see Miss Cathy". That's her teacher.
I asked her, "Are you going to see your friends?"
She said yes.
I asked, "What are their names?"
She thought for a second, then replied, "Kids!"


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