Thursday, July 28, 2005

Chuck E. Cheese

Self-Feed Yogurt July 05
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Against my better judgment, we went to playgroup today held at Chuck E. Cheese. It's a pretty good place for babies to run around - she is too young to ask for money or tokens, she doesn't eat the junky stuff they serve there - pizza, etc. and she doesn't even need the rides to turn on to have a good time. She loved climbing on them.

She also loved chasing Nathan around, and just running around the place in general. The funniest part was when she saw the human-sized robot puppet of the mouse, up on the stage, "singing" a song. I looked over, and she was all alone, in front of the mouse, saying "Hi! Hi!" waving to him, throwing her hand up in the air. It was frigging hilarious.

This is a picture of her feeding herself yogurt today.


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