Thursday, February 08, 2007


Sophie looked out the window today, and saw Daddy's car parked on the street. She said, "That is Quincy's car." If you watched Little Einsteins, you would know who Quincy is.

When I talk to the baby, I do "ventriloquism" to pretend like Vivian is talking back to me. Sophie loves it and likes to do it too. So when I ask something like, "Are you hungry, baby?" Sophie will say, "Yes, Mommy!" in a high-pitched "baby" voice. Then she says, "The baby is talking!"

She loves to play dolls with her Dora dolls and dollhouse. I have to be Chef Dora and she is Christmas Dora. It usually goes something like this:
Chef D: Hi Dora! Are you hungry?
Xmas D: Yes, I am.
Chef D: Would you like me to cook you something?
Xmas D: Yes, I would.
Chef D: Well, come with me to my kitchen.
Xmas D: OK.
(dolls hop along to the kitchen of the dollhouse)


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