Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Madness

10-31-06 skeleton
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The days of Sophie not really knowing what's going on with regard to holidays, birthdays, etc. are over, officially. She was about to explode today over Halloween. First of all, she couldn't wait to put on her "scary skeleton" costume. She woke up at 6:30am, running into my room to ask me if we could Trick or Treat.

Then, she got to wear her skeleton costume to school for the Halloween party and parade. She couldn't wait to put on her Hello Kitty backpack, which contained the "Dem Bones" treat bags we signed up to bring for the party. She helped me count out 8 bags for 8 students. At the school parade, they marched twice around the sidewalk on the play yard.

After the parade, which we have on video, we attended the Las Madres Halloween playgroup where all her friends were dressed in costume and it was another fest of candy, cupcakes and general junk food, all of which she wanted to eat, non stop all day.

After her nap, I painted her face white with black eyes and nose so she could Trick or Treat. At first, she didn't like the way she looked in the mirror, but she quickly grew to appreciate the makeup! She dashed from house to house, chirping "Trick or Treat!" After she got her candy, she remained standing at the doorways while the homeowners put candies in other children's bags. She then ran away from the house, shouting "Happy Halloween!" and "Good Luck!" Then she would announce, "Let's go to another house guys." She trick or treated with her friends Ashleigh and Drew. 5 year old Ashleigh repeatedly cried, "Hey Sophie! Wait for me!"

Another side note, Sophie's new favorite song is "Witch Doctor" - Oooh, eeee, ooh, ah ah. . . .


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