Wednesday, October 11, 2006

OK Daisy

Sophie now addresses me regularly as "Daisy". She points to herself and says, "Hi, I am Dora and this is my cousin Daisy, and this is Boots." I am Daisy and Vivian is Boots. Sometimes we are the Doodlebops, where I am DeeDee, she is Rooney and Daddy is Moe. Sometimes she is Diego and I am her big sister Alicia - Vivian is Baby Jaguar. Sometimes we are the Wonder Pets, but I don't know their names, except for Ming Ming and I think the turtle is Tuck. It's not quite clear who is who, except Vivian is the guinea pig.

When I put Sophie to bed, she says, "Goodnight, Daisy. I love you, Daisy."

Oh, that reminds me, sometimes she is Mickey Mouse and I am Daisy Duck - Vivian is Minnie Mouse. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a big favorite show right now, along with the Care Bears movie.

We had to discontinue going to Clay Class b/c 45 min playing with non colored clay is just too much for 2 yr old at 11am. She kept melting down and with Vivian screaming in the background, it was too much for me to handle. We signed up for Kindermusik again and she is much happier there. I guess she's not into Arts and Crafts as much as music.

Sophie's naps have gone down to 40 min sometime after 3pm.

She adores school, and loves her teachers, Miss Cathy and Miss Lisa. She loves to name off all her little friends as well.


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