Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nap Fairy

Sophie has now gone 2 days without taking naps and is still not really going to bed much earlier than her usual 8:30 - 9pm time.

The Nap Fairy has been visiting our house. If she takes a nap, and leaves her Crocs by the front door, when she wakes up, she may find a treat in her shoes, left for her by the nap fairy. The first time the nap fairy left 2 treats - one in each shoe. She picked them up and exclaimed, "Look! The nap fairy brought treats for EVERYONE!" and promptly handed me one of the treats.

Last Friday, we took a walk around the neighborhood, where Sophie loves to admire the Halloween decor in people's lawns. We had left the garage door open, and we found a Marie Callender's pie sitting on the trunk of the car. I had no idea who left it. I said, "Look Sophie, a pie! I wonder who left us a pie?"
Sophie responded, "Maybe the nap fairy left it, Mama!"

(it turns out, the pie had been left by a friend in return for us watching her daughter that afternoon)


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