Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Molars or manipulative?

Today I was madder at Sophie than I ever have been.

I wanted to go to an 11:00 yoga class. Everyone was fed, had naps, etc. so I figured it would be no problem. As we drove up to the gym, Sophie started complaining that she didn't want to go to the new gym. I said it was too bad. When we got in there, she was very very mad she had to go (even though the place is playtime heaven, brand new, outdoor play structure, videos, music, etc.) and she started a shrill screaming. She was crying but I figured once she got in there and started playing, she'd be fine.

In 10 minutes they came to get me. I figured it was for Vivian, but it was Sophie who had been screaming and crying. As soon as I took her out, she stopped her crying and was fine. That tells me it was on purpose. I was so angry that I couldn't have 50 minutes to do yoga I took her straight home and put her in her room with her gate closed. She promptly cried herself to sleep.
Her bottom molars continue to come in.


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