Thursday, March 01, 2007

Can you say. . .?

Of course, Sophie loves to role play and pretend that we are all different characters. Now, Daddy is Mufasa, Viv is Zazu, and of course, Sophie is Simba. At dinner tonite, she was talking to Mufasa, and she now "directs" us what to say. She asked Mufasa a question, and he said yes.
She said, "Can you say, 'Yes, Simba, Honey?"
So he said, "Yes Simba".
So she said, "No, can you say 'Yes, Simba, honey?"
So then he repeated it correctly and she was satisfied.

Also, at the park today, a little girl was playing in the sandbox with Sophie. She and her parents spoke Spanish, so Sophie said, "They are speaking Spanish!" The little girl was poking her stick on Sophie's sand pile, and her mom was telling her not to do that, and telling her "Cuidado" which means "watch out". (I think)

The little girl came over to Sophie's sand pile again with the stick, and Sophie turned to me and said, "Mommy? She's not cuidado!" The spanish mom cracked up.


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