Friday, September 08, 2006

Dentist visit

Sophie had her first dentist visit today. She was a little trepidacious at first, but warmed up nicely. She was surprisingly tolerant of holding her mouth open for Dr. Chu. They had a little video screen where you could see your own teeth via a small camera held in the mouth, and she really liked that. She got pictures taken of her teeth, her teeth checked for cavities (none, thank goodness), her teeth polished, and then swiped with a bonded fluoride paste that stick to the teeth to help protect them.

We told her the polish stuff was a treat, as well as the fluoride paint. It worked to help her keep her mouth open, but she kept wanting to close her mouth and swallow the stuff down! She said, "mmm, good!"

After it was all over, she got to choose a toy from the Treasure Chest, just like in the good old days.


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