Sunday, July 02, 2006

Time Out

Since Vivian has arrived, we have started time out. Sophie seems more obstinate when she isn't getting all the attention she wants, and obviously, she can't be the star of the show anymore when Mommy or Daddy is attending to Vivian.

Things she gets in time out for:
High pitched screaming
Throwing her toys
Disobeying a request

She gets a choice - she can either stop the bad behavior, obey the request or go into time out. So far, she HATES it. She has to sit on a bench by the front door and she just cries and cries.

We also had to get tough on bedtime - she kept Daddy up til 10pm one night last week. Now, at 8:30pm, we read stories in her big girl room, and at 9pm, it is lights out. We've done it for the past 3 nights, and each night gets a little better. She still cries, but not as desperately. She is also locked in there via a safety gate. At 1pm, we do the same thing with naptime, and many times, she ends up falling asleep on the floor in child's pose by the gate. But she gets her nap at least.


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