Monday, January 23, 2006

Elephants and Play doh

Sophie is LOVING putting her arm up and making a screeching elephant sound these days.

She is also able to play with Play Doh for 45 min on end. I roll it out like a snake, and she says "Limey!" for Slimey the Worm on Sesame Street.
Then I begin breaking it up into little bits and laying out the bits on the mat - we count "One, two, three. . " all the way to 20! I was shocked - I had no idea she knew how to count to 20.

Then she begins putting each piece on top of the next, one by one, to make a giant mound of play doh. She will do this over and over again for 20-40 minutes. She calls Play Doh "pay-pay".

She is still going potty at least 1-2x per day, but not self initiated yet. She has made the connection that she gets a treat for going potty. The other morning she woke up talking about "treat? please? potty?"

She is also a climbing fiend at the park. She can go up the ladders to the big kids playsets almost without any help, and loves to jump off the top into my waiting arms (which is a little scary).


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