Sunday, June 05, 2005

Yeah, psssssss,

Sometimes, when I ask Sophie a question, it sounds like she says "Yeah" to me, although I can't be sure. Daddy has noticed it as well. Also, sometimes, she looks like she is nodding her little head "yes" as well.

In trying to make her aware of the potty, I have taught her to make the "pssssss" sound for peeing. She is great at making the sound, but I don't know if she connects it with the bodily function.

She always motions for us to give her our mugs when we are drinking tea, so I finally gave in and bought her some blueberry herbal tea and her own little mug. I now make her tea to drink and she loves it.

She has begun kissing the animals on the pages of the books I read her and has suddenly become fascinated with the elephants.


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