Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Discovery Museum

Sophie continues to produce on the potty! Although she has no problem going when we put her on it, she doesn't know yet to ask for the potty when she has to go.

We took her to the Children's Discovery Museum today. They have an exhibit called "The Wonder Cabinet" especially for babies. It's awesome - there are places for them to crawl, stairs to climb, costumes for dress up, levers to press, knobs to pull, balls to roll, puppets and an art studio. Everything is at toddler level for easy access. It's a great way to wear out a baby! She just loved it.

There is also an exhibit called Water Ways where kids can splash around in little troughs of running water with measuring cups, fountains, balls and whirlpools. Of course, the kids are soaked to the bone when they come out - one mom said she now regularly brings a change of clothes for her son.

As Sophie was pulling books off her shelf, I spied "Mama, Mama" on the floor, and wanted her to bring it to me so I could read to her. I said, "Mama, Mama" and she picked the book out of the pile and brought it to me! She definitely knows which books are which.


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