Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hi. . .& airborne

When Sophie wakes up in the morning, and we look over at her, she says, "Hi" with a little smile on her face! Today in the stores, she started saying "Hi" to the checkers. She is reinforced when she gets a surprised "hi" back!

If I'm not mistaken, I think she has taken to saying "Yeah" when I ask her things, like "Do you want some milk, a book, to eat, etc."

I got her first flip flops today. . . .and since we didn't have the stroller, I had no choice but to let her walk around while I shopped. She likes to play hide and seek from Mommy around the clothes racks! As I peeked around the racks to keep my eye on her, she waited very quietly and still for me to look at her. When I made eye contact, she giggled and started to scurry away.

She was hopping with daddy this evening, and got off the ground for the first time!

Also, we went swimming today, and she was playing on the step in the pool. I gave her the swimming cue "1,2,3 Big Breath! Eyes In!" and she squatted down on the step, leaned forward and put her little face in the water. Her comprehension of spoken language is growing exponentially.


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