Saturday, June 04, 2005


Yesterday, Sophie began acting lethargic in the afternoon. At 3pm, when I removed her from her carseat, where she was in a deep sleep, she felt limp in my arms.
Her temp was 101. We let her go swimming to bring the fever down, then she played in the warm bath. Since she was falling asleep in between bites of watermelon, Daddy put her to bed nice and early, around 7pm. (with daylight savings, her bedtime was creeping later toward 8-8:30)

This morning, she awoke in good spirits. We took an early morning walk, and when we got to Maryanne's house, she had a fine time showing off her signs for flower, bird and monkey and saying "cat". What can I say - she likes an audience.

However, this afternoon, after we returned from the Las Madres bbq at the park, she felt a little warm again, and her temp read 100.9. She's acting pretty normal, besides wanting to nurse a little more. I gave her some tylenol in hopes of bringing the fever down.

PS - I think I figured out the sound effect for the bird sign - the "gka gka" is quack quack for duck.


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