Thursday, May 26, 2005


We have the ottoman in front of the entertainment center so Sophie can't get into the doors that house the a/v equipment. It also helps keep her a safe distance from the screen.

Well, not anymore.

Now, she can climb up on the ottoman, put her hands on the tv screen and push the buttons on the tv. Although she can get down by herself, she chooses to moan when she's up there to get my attention to come get her.

She is also into holding her hand out to me, to get me to give her my hand. She does this when she needs help going up and down steps, or any shaky terrain she wants to navigate.

We went swimming at our neighbor's pool yesterday b/c it's been so hot. She loved it! It was much colder than the heated pool she takes her lessons in, so she took some deep breaths when we got in, but she was swimming back and forth between Natasha and I. Natasha was also amazed that Sophie can snap her fingers, b/c in all her 70 some odd years, she has never been able to snap her own!


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