Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Fun, fun playdate!

We were busy all day long, which was superb. Sophie had a ball in music class, once again. After music, we went with Nathan and Marlene to the fountains outside the community center. There is a rubberized pad with a color pattern on it, and cracks for the water to soak in (so the surface doesn't get slipppery). The fountains are flush with the surface that you walk on, so there's nothing to trip over. Water shoots up into the air on and off, at random intervals from various places in the rubber "floor". As soon as one shoots up, Sophie would run over to it, but by the time she got there, the water would go down, and another would go off. It was a hoot watching her run back and forth! She finally began waiting at the holes in the ground, and loved it when the water got her. She was completely soaked in no time at all, and I stripped her clothes off to let her get a little warmer, since the cold, soaked clothes kept her from drying off.

She had a great nap, and later we met Marlene and Nathan at the pool for a playdate. There is a hot tub as well, so when they got too cold in the pool, we hopped in the hot tub. When she felt the water, she said "hah-hah-hah-hot" - it was pretty hot in there.

At the pool, Sophie was peeking at Marlene from each side of the metal pool rail. She started saying "boo" each time she peeked out from side to side of the railing!

After swimming, we went to Nathan's house where they enjoyed snacks and played outside for a while, putting rocks from the garden into the watering can and an empty gallon water bottle. So much for expensive toys!

We're going to have the pool playdate once a week. Sophie ate a good dinner tonight after all the excitement.


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