Saturday, June 18, 2005

More Words - Hot, Horse, Hungry

We drove to San Fran today to go to Sports Basement. On the way up there, she pointed to her mouth very intentionally to tell Daddy she wanted some food! She is really doing the pointing to the mouth move for "hungry".

There is an awesome play area for kids there, so she had a blast playing without running around the store getting into trouble.

There was a giant stuffed horse, as well as a wooden rocking horse, and I showed her how to flap her lips to make a horse sound. That was all it took. When we read her books later today, she did the horse sound without prompting. We also went out to lunch, and she ate some french fries. But they were hot, so I made the signal for hot (which involves some panting) and thereafter, she did it each time she got a hot fry.

She also seems to be weaning herself. She is down to nursing only twice/day - morning and maybe afternoon. It won't be long til she's done.


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