Sunday, June 19, 2005

050618 wetsuit

050618 wetsuit
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This is Sophie's wetsuit she got yesterday. It should keep her warmer in the neighbor's unheated pool.

While playing "lacrosse" with Daddy in the backyard, she scooped up the ball with the head of her stick by herself.

While we were reading her nursery rhyme book, we got to the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and she put the tips of her index fingers together above her head! This was very perplexing, b/c she has only ever really heard/seen me sing this song at her swim lessons, which are only once a week. In fact, we haven't sung that song in quite a long time, so how she remembered it, I couldn't tell you.

Father's Day was sort of ruined when Mommy twisted her ankle very badly twice going down Mt. Madonna. She had to stay off her foot all day and poor Daddy had to do everything for both her and Sophie.


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