Sunday, May 01, 2005

1st Bug Bite!

Sophie is a little bit sick. She was very calm in her stroller ride during the jog today, and even took a nap. She has wanted to nurse many times today, and each time she naps, her little head is sopping wet with sweat.

Her temp was 99.7. She will barely let us put her down without crying a river. She is either very tired and zoned out, or else clingy and crying.

We are putting the new sliding doors on, so our living room has been open to the outside most of the day. All kinds of bugs have gotten in. While nursing her tonight, I noticed a hard red welt on the outside of her right thigh. It is some kind of bite and she keeps itching it.

Right now, she's watching her newest Barney episode called "It's Showtime!"


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