Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Cat Poop, flowers and gorillas

Today was the day. I knew it would happen eventually, and here it was. Sophie presented me with a piece of dry cat feces. I am only praying she didn't get it from the litter box, and that it was somewhere on the floor, dried up. God only knows if she tasted it. Needless to say, I drenched her hands in Purell, then ran the bath water!

We have 2 rose bushes - one is very fragrant, but is a rose tree, so I hold her up to it, and let her sniff. Well, I demonstrate sniffing to her, then I hold her in front of the flower to let her sniff. The first time, she put the rose right in her mouth and had a petal sandwich. But pretty soon, she started making a "huffing/puffing" sound through her nose!

Later, she was buzzing around the yard, over by the other rose bush. She bent down, put her little hands on her knees, and started making the "huff/puff" sound thru her nose! Now, whenever we see flowers in a book, the nose breathing sound is her sign for flowers.

She also has another sign. She beats her chest when she sees a monkey. She learned this from one of her books "I Love My Daddy Because".


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