Monday, May 02, 2005

One nap

We slept in today b/c I wasn't sure if she was feeling well, and I didn't want to rush her from jogging to swim lessons. She did fine at swim lessons and had a great nap afterward, completely in her car seat. She didn't do any nursing in the middle of the day.

I was able to cook dinner (YAY!) while she watched Barney. Then we went to watch Daddy's lax practice. She is really into taking things out and putting them back - like things in bags, in zippered pouches, bags, pockets, anything. Today, she kept putting a bag of Hochiboro in the bottom of the stroller, then taking it out, putting it back, etc.

She dozed off for about 30 min at 4:15pm, but that was it. Not a real nap. At bedtime, she nursed for a while, then rolled around and when I put her in the crib awake, she didn't cry at all.
She has also pulled a book off the shelf that is not a baby book. It's called Motherhood, and was a shower gift for me. It's filled with photos of animals and their babies, and she loves looking at the pics of the animals! Whenever she gets to a cat of any sort, she screeches in an ear piercing scream, "Kiiiiiiiih Caaaaaaaaaaah!" She gets such a kick from any animals at all - she just loves them. Dogs running across a yard, birds flying, people walking dogs, the goats, etc.

Her bug bite welt was just about gone this evening.


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